Vietnamese hero auto service

Car paint is one of the important techniques to help you refurbish the beauty of your car. If your vehicle is gradually degraded or there are scratches, do not worry, please bring the car to Auto Viet Hung immediately to our professional, experienced technical staff. handle it for you!

The selection of a unit to beautify your “driver” is an extremely important issue. However, in reality, it is not easy to choose a garage that specializes in painting quality and prestige cars. Because car painting technique requires a team of skilled workers, knowledgeable about car knowledge combined with long experience to be able to meet.

After many years of working in the field of car painting, maintenance and car care, Auto Viet Hung has proudly become a prestigious and quality co-location of automobile paint for all customers. All technical staff at Auto Viet Hung are well-trained, in-depth at mainstream schools. In particular, they have been involved in the profession for many years, so they will surely satisfy every customer request. In addition, Auto Viet Hung also owns a large working workshop with many advanced and modern equipment and machines that will support their repair work to be the best.

Extremely fast working process

With a professional process, Auto Viet Hung’s technicians will handle all problems as quickly as possible.

Ancillary services include: High-tech car cleaning service, interior and exterior decoration. Distribution of spare parts and petrol stations. Car rescue and rescue services. Authorized training center of Dupont paint firm in the North of Vietnam. The repair center has applied the process of quick repair paint: Frame pulling rigs, welding machine, press, attach … v … v Types of equipment for checking, reading and erasing engine errors. Gas vacuum and automatically loaded with the entire equipment, specialized tools, hand tools … Modern and most advanced today. Come to Viet Hung car repair center. You will be served in a professional, modern and satisfied style with the criteria: “Time – Quality – Price – Creating competitiveness”